3SGE Beams: velocity stack testing

Another successful night on the dyno

Tonight the name of the game was velocity stack lengths

the car has always run 35mm I.MEC stacks, I snuck around to ashes place as swipped his 70mm and Jamie (the lecturer) had some stock ae111 lying around measuring in around the 100mm mark

So we had a car, a dyno, 3 sets of velocity stacks and our curiosity. Only one thing to do then

first up was a power run with the “Sock” style air filters still on

then another run with them off

It was intresting to note we had to adjust the air fuel ratio every time we made a change, Even just removing the socks!

there was a small surprise with “no air filter” making less power between 3500 rpm and 5500 but after that pulled some extra numbers to push us into the 120 rwkw area for the first time WOO HOO

next up was the 70MM

seriously… the sound is just amazing!

they have made the dip at 4000rpm a bit worse.. BUT when the power comes on and revs out to 7500 its just awesome!

then slapped on the stockers

These made the dip area very flat and performed well…. untill 6000 rpm where they dramatically choke up the motor

The 70MM are the clear winner increasing torque and top end power

had a drive of the car on the way home…. its starting to scare me and i LIKE IT!!!!

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