ground control to major tom

Little while ago I helped out a young mate of mine Jordy with his E30, When i say helped I meantI just let him and his friend Callum use my tools. I steered them in the right direction and let them do most of the work while my self and the rest of the ghetto crew rode huffy sliders down the street…

Jordy has a good understanding that suspension is important and when asking me what he should get the ground control kit was mentioned. He was reluctant at first as it was the most expensive option. In the end he sucked it up and parted with his hard earned cash

having a good look at the kit when it arrived i was very impressed! the machining is awesome and it came with everything we needed. It bolted straight in no hassles and the designers had obviously thought about everything. After installing the kit id say it was money well spent just for the ease of the install, and with full height adjustment and damper adjustment at all 4 corners its wins all round.

iv followed Jordy and his e30 a couple of times on  leasurly drives through the hills and she looks planted. Plus she has the sort after LOW all the young kids love these days

with a set of wheels on there way and some fresh rubber the E30 will look the part, keep an eye out as you might see it again on the GG site

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