hachi roku annual 2011

soooo I went to tassie! and it was RAD

each year a dedicated group of lads over at http://www.hachiroku.com.au organise an event for all of Australia’s ae86 owners. It normally consists of a track day, late night shenanigans, bbq and as as much spirited driving as you can poke a con rod at .

This year was a differant sorry, they decided to hold it in a whole other country… Tasmania!!!

It is fairly close to australia so we are able to catch a ferry over…

we wernt able to have a track day but instead just enjoyed the roads Tassie has to offer.

To be honest when I heard about this trip it is half the reason i started looking for another AE86, and i ended up buying the coupe

unfortunately I was unable to get on the booked ferry… while being  very disappointed  the boys on HR talked me into catching a plan over and just running shot gun for the lolz. So i did, and im glad i did!!!

It was a great week end and I made lots of new friends

Its the cool culture of these short wheel base little contraptions that really make them that little bit more enjoyable

more to come about the annual so dont change that dial


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