Work Meister CR01 AE86

wheels make or break a car

They are a simple thing, but when done right it can really make a car just so much better, sometimes even when its the only mod on a car they will still set it off.

So when buying this 86  paying close attention to what I bought was important, especially since i had planned to go brand new.

I wanted to get it right

A few brain storming sessions with the rest of the Ghetto crew and we  ended up with these, and im glad we did!

I really love the colours and the style and I’m all about the 15inch wheels so they ticked all the boxes

Had a test fit to see if all those hours mulling over sizes and offsets was worth it…

They were!

Rears are

15×9 -6

O disk

a fellow 86 mate put me onto Speed alliance in the states, these guys have been supplying the american 86 scene with RAD wheels and at good prices. The custom service is amazing and Jay genuinely loves cars and gets just as excited about cool wheels as we all do. Highly recommend  these guys if your keen to check out good wheels and other parts jump over to

Fronts are

15 x 8.5 -9

T disk

So unbelievably happy with these puppies!

cant wait to get some rubber on them and take em for a spin

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