Son of Ratrod

Here is an update of what’s going on with all things from the ratcave.

Well well sexy lady and gentlemen. Recently departed with my first corolla but the ratrod will not be forgotten.

So without further adieu

Meet son of Ratrod 

It’s an ae71 corolla with super cool smallport 4age in its loins and is sure to get ya moist. It has 86 sussy on all four corners and ajps springs so its safe to say it will handle better than the lotus from pretty women and what I think will be a pretty sweet ride when its done. Today as usual it was the definition of a late and hangover start after big couple of nights of partying but hey it wouldn’t be ghetto garage without it. It’s basically our mantra.
But we didn’t bitch out and made it happen. As with anything ghetto garage that I have been involved in there is mechanical work but it seems every time that we always end up painting something and so the valve covers got a well deserved make over and I gotta say I am absolutely chuffed with how they turned out. I consider my cars to be more than just a object to get to where you are going. It is my canvas of self expression an extension of yourself and somewhat alive in its own little way.
Words don’t do it justice but i am sure all of you know what i am talking about.
I have met some really interesting people and lifetime friends through this game and i wouldn’t trade it for world.

So after a long week waiting for my cooling gear to arrive from Ireland yeah that’s right Ireland! I still get buzzed out by the fact I can get these bits cheaper from the other side of the world than from down under.
as we started to install it we realise that the heater core pipe was going to fowl on the knock sensor so after a quick brain storm we decided that we could use some old hoses to divert around it and It worked out a treat. All in all I am really excited about this project and can’t wait to be cruising with all you fine peeps. Watch this space for more as it happens.

Special mention for josh cheers for the help man fuck I love playing with these cars!!

Cheers ratboi


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