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3SGE BEAMS: Dyno Final Harrah

Well that’s it; the dyno tafe course is over.

8 weeks done and dusted,

BUT we have finished on a high when it comes to the BEAMS.

Throughout the course we have been making changes, starting by cleaning up the tune which was running rich in places. Reprogramming theVVTi map which was fairly ordinary to start with, then onto changing the length of the velocity stacks. Every time we made a change she responded well, and each time I drove it home I was even more excited about owning this car.

In the words of Jamie (Tafe lecturer/Frak)

“It really delivered the goods!”

The red line is the very first run on week 2, the blue line is the last run on week 8… money and time well spent? I think so!

VELOCITY STACK intake tuning

If I had a Delorian, did 88 mph and went and told myself 8 weeks ago that by simply changing the length of the velocity stacks you could gain an exra 17 rwkw at 7500 rpm… I would have told myself I was dreaming.

After sorting out the tune and the VVTi with no filters we pulled a clean 120rwkw with 35mm stacks,

128rwkw with the 75mm,

then 137 rwkw with 110mm!

I really didn’t expect those sort of gains; I just wanted to push into the 130 mark, so I’m very happy with the outcome.

out of curiosity we tried a staggered intake, while intresting it was not a better set up than the 110mm on there own

137rwkw! Not bad for an NA 2lt

I’m a little sad the course has already finished, it just went by so fast. I learnt loads, made some new friends, and now my car is much MUCH faster.

close call

New 110mm velocity stacks are a tight fit thats for sure!

ended up having to space the bonnet 10mm, im not a big fan of this style… but it had to be done to fit the dorptacula stacks

Im a fairly function over form person so to have a spaced bonnet dosent bother me as much as if i only went the 100mm stacks and may have left a smige of  performance on the table

now off to the dyno to see if its all worth it

the anticipation is killing me

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