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Hail to the king baby

Tait bringing home the silverware congratulations buddy
Stadium Drift L2 winner winner chicken dinner!!

First of the year

Our newest member Tait was the only one of us financial enough to make the practice at Mallala earlier this month.
This gave the whole crew a good excuse to get out there and support him and check out peoples new 2012 track cars.

Tristian Smith was out in his immaculate S14 testing out his new Rb25 setup wich produces 300kw !

Fabio was doing really well in his newly painted R32

Tait Was having a great day working his 160kw rb20 to the max in order to spin his 10.5inch rears!

As per tradition you cant run Ghetto Garage “colours” till you do a track day with us.
Tait passed the test 🙂

Getting some good angle through the esses.
Its also worth noting that Tait has made the S14A conversion guards by himself all steel!

Cheers to Carlos Poprivet for the last two photos.
Sadly his day was cut short due to a split coolant hose.

There where a few casualties during the day including this R32 which had some terminal problems!
Apologies for the late update ive got loads of media to sort through!

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