Derty Wun

Hey gang got some news, turns out i have a new project car, a Series 2 Silhouette R31 skyline.

pictured below as i got it. Modifications included.
Defected for an out of date gas system.
black bonnet and boot painted in rust proofing enamel
stuffed rear wheel bearings, pads and trailing arm bushes
wont run on petrol
poor exterior condition
no stero

So the plans are
Fit an S3 front end and paint car accordingly
Remove gas system
fix up all other no working parts of the car
clear defect
Daily drive

Went down to our friendly local U-pullit and sourced a complete front end bonnet pictured on Timmy Dee’s daily.
got a new fuel pump, indicator stalk and gear shifter( Thanks Alooon)

Now it looks like this, gotta take more off it before it start putting it back together, wish me luck!

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