I only race for trophies!

In typical ghetto garage fashion its either quieter than a condom vending machine in the Vatican or Flat Out posting!

Long story short i was around my cousins place the last friday to check out some of his crazy new projects (stay tuned in coming months). Casually he asked if i would like to race his gts4 r33 on Sunday? “UM…… Yes yes i do” was my answer. The next few days was fairly hektic,the car was not 100% safe so my cousin pulled an all nighter Saturday getting the seat position lower, and more head clearance on the cage. I had a massive 4 hours sleep and rocked up in the morning and drove over 2 hours up to Port Piri.

before i knew it my body was full of adrenalin, hands shaking, praying hard, and at the start line of my first dirt circuit race!
I had planned on taking it easy and learn how the car drives, I let every one go at the start (i started up the back in 8th). After a lap or 2 i found i was uncomfortable behind the other cars… so i started over taking a few, after 6 laps i found my self in 3rd position.

My next 2 races in B grade i started closer to the front and had very good takeoffs thanks to the 4WD system. Due to me not focusing and messing around with to much sliding into
(and out off a bit to much) corners i lost my 1st position with only 2 corners to go and placed 2nd. Last race i focused kept my driving clean, and won.

then at the end of the day i entered an all comers race where i started with a 10 second handicap (which is worked out by lap times during the day). It was 10 laps and the guys in front could drive! i had to really put my head down focus on my braking points, apexes, and not over driving the car. Racing away and slowly each corner i chipped away till i found my self rounding canteen corner with good exit speed and had a drag race down the straight to get in front at the last moment. I had 4 laps to go and they seemed to last forever! i backed off my current pace as the brakes were starting to smell abit to much. finnaly i crossed the finish line and scored myself a trophy!

by the way if you dident pick it up, the title of this post is very sarcastic! at least now i have something to put into my 15 ft long floor to ceiling custom trophy cabinet….

well thanks for reading the longest post iv made to date, i really enjoyed racing and cant thank my cousin Sharpie enough for the effort he put in to get the car ready and then help me out on the day with tips and encouragement Cheers Mate

stay tuned as i will do a feature on the R33 in the coming weeks…. after i finish working on Ashers 86!

If your interested in checking out some dirt circuit action Truro will be racing this sunday check out

have a great one

Timmy D

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