Insert witty title here

ive spent ages trying to think of a cool post name here but i cant too worn out from stuffing about with the AE86.
Now with just under 4 weeks to go till the Mallala Matsuri we still seem to be on track which is a good thing.
This week the main focus has been to get the exhaust done and i cant thank Timmy D enough here he has really done an excellent job in building me a custom Stainless steel exhaust thats all tig welded and really close to the body to prevent the damage that the old exhaust saw.
As you can clearly see we use only the finest adjustment tools and working conditions.
Timmy really has the skills to pay the bills
if your interested in getting something made like this for your car dont hesitate to contact us.

Precision cutting device consisting of a “G” clamp and angle grinder,  who needs a drop saw!
(Lips Approves!)

The Front section of the system awaiting final welding

We had hoped to get more done but theres been a few shenanigans
Although thats half the fun.

Till next time
Party On most excellent viewers!

One response to “Insert witty title here

  1. Aloon June 7, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    Good work Timmy 🙂 Will have some work for you very soon 🙂

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