end of year wrap up

2011 DONE!

It feels like not much has happened, but starting to think about it 2011 was pretty big year for me.

For starters I began contributing to this blog, I hope articles I posted have been somewhat helpful, or at least captured your attention for a few minutes. It’s been fun blogging my thoughts and actions.

Just before that I sold my first AE86. She was super charged and was a good little car, I thought back then that I would never own another 86 and I had enjoyed the time I had with that car.

I was going to have a break from cars for a while… that lasted all of about 3 weeks when I went and picked up an s13 which I had planned to turn into a dirt circuit race car. I stripped it back, cut a big hole in the middle of it so I could mid-mount an SR just for the sake of it. I got to the point where I needed to start spending a lot of money on it, and decided to pull the pin.

So not much longer than 6 month
s I found myself wanting another decent street car. Started looking at an s14 but just couldn’t love the Nissans so I bought an 86 coupe! Drove it back from Sydney with Ash; good times. Back in the little 80’s box stylin and loving it, except this one had a 2004 Lexus motor, which I REALLY enjoy.

Had my first official drift track day and had a blast

also learnt how to use a dyno at a tafe course

So the year has gone I’ve been through a few cars but ended on a high with a great little car that I’m really enjoying and looking forward to the years of ownership with it. I think this car is going to be around for a long time!

Then to finish the year off we started up a fairly low key street crew, we head out for a feed and a drive and just normally stand around talking trash and kicking tyres. It’s a great time just to enjoy our cars and the roads Adelaide has to offer.

It’s been great being part of the Ghetto Garage crew! We have a laugh, play with cars and help each other out when we can. Having a group of mates to share our passion of cars with really makes it so much more enjoyable

Hope you have been inspired or had a laugh reading the blog.

Don’t go too far because we have more to come in 2012! I got a feeling it’s gonna be a big one.


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